Winter services

As most of Prudhoe is built on a hill it is only right that Council winter services are adequate.

The NCC Staff do a great job is helping to keep the roads free but at times residents can help them by reporting incidents and taking a few basic steps to help.

Reminder that even when a road has been gritted it may still be slippy as the grit needs to take effect and this works quicker when vehicles travel over the gritted road.

The fewer the vehicles that travel over the road the less impact the grit will have.

If heavy snow falls occur during busy periods on the roads although the snow plough / gritter may have been on that route recently the fresh snow fall may negate the good work done.

Often heavy rainfall will wash the grit away, and then the water freezes.

Many drivers will travel slower than normal which is obviously the correct way to drive in the winter conditions.

Please keep your distance from vehicles in front, beware of parked / abandoned vehicles or pedestrians on the roads.

All these add to possible delays, please give extra time for your journey.

If the weather is really bad, please consider postponing your journey.

NCC Winter services information Click here 

Gritting routes – Click here     – Others will be added if extreme difficulties are being experienced.

Report an untreated road – Click here

Report an untreated footpath – Click here

NCC preparing for winter 2022 – Click here

Grit bins  –

Report an empty one – Click here   – See notes below.

Request a grit bin – Click here –   

Grit can only be used on public roads & paths.

General Highway issues –Click here

Flooding – Click here

Pot holes – Click here

What is a pothole ?

National guidelines state in road over 40mm depth & 250mm length/diameter. Footpath 20mm depth & 150mm.

To report potholes on major routes such as the A1. See info here

Street Lighting being defective – Click here

Fix my street – Many Councils use this website / app – Click here

Public transport disruptions –

Gateshead MBC information. Click here

Go North East – Click here

National Rail – Click here.

Newcastle Airport – Click here

Metro rail – Click here

Traffic Cameras – North East – Click here

General information.

Support for people / families in need – NCC – Click here

Weather & travel news –Click here

RAC Winter advice – Click here

AA winter driving advice – Click here

Social housing providers / developers are responsible  for certain areas- Click here

Water issues / leaks – Usually a Northumbrian Water issue- Click here –

Powergrid – Electricity issues – Click here

Our website contains a range of other advice & information which readers may find interesting.

See also our social media platforms updated every day.


Please check grit bins on a regular basis.

Since 2017 we have arranged for several additional grit bins to be situated around the town.

There are restrictions upon where they can be placed and we occasionally get residents asking for additional ones.

If you see a serious need for one please apply online to NCC see links above.

But any application will not be progressed if it does not fit the national guidance, such as on a gritting route, on private land, within close proximity of another, the gradient is so low. No where to site it without blocking access such as a footpath.

We also occasionally receive complaints about too many grit bins.

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