Highway issues

Highway issues are often raised with us by residents. 


Parking spaces.

Safer parking – Click here

Parking incl disability issues – Click here

School run advice

A letter from Northumbria Police (December 2016)  Click here




Parking on pavements/ Obstruction etc  

(NCC are unable to deal with such issues at this time and the advice until the Council changes the rules is all such complaints are reported to the Police as appropriate e.g non emergency).


Fire engine with size

Northumbria Police – Click here 




Northumbria Police – Click here

Community speed watch – Click here

Northumbria Safer Roads Initiatives – Click here

Penalty Points (HM Govt)Click here

THINK – Click here

Chronicle report re speed cameras (Nov 2016) Click here 


Florescent clothing can help people be seen easier by motorists.

ROSPA – Click here

Remember the speed limits are the maximum speed permitted, but at times drivers should reduce their speed below that due to road conditions prevailing. 


We have been seeking to have a maximum speed limit of 20 MPH outside every School in Northumberland – Thank you for your support, the outcome is awaited.



Drink / Drug Driving – Just don’t do it.

Northumbria Police information – Click here


Useful links

The Highway Code – Click here

Northumberland Council Road Closures – Click here

Roadworks . org information – Click here

Northumberland CC Roads Highways & Footpaths – Click here

Grit bins (refilled / request one) – Click here

Street Lighting being defective – Click here


Pot holes – Click here

Housing providers information – Click here 

Paving over a front garden – Click here


(One defective street light can cause a risk to road users,increase the chances of anti social behaviour / Crime and the fears of crime).



Untaxed vehicles – Click here


Bad parking causes delays, sometimes with very severe consequences.

Animal locked in a vehicle in danger – Click here




You can contact us – Click here

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