Litter is a Country wide problem which has a major impact upon the health and the quality of life of people, it is a danger to animals and expensive for Councils to clear away, it is unsightly and will create a negative view of the area therefore impacting upon business and so on…….

Northumberland is a great County and we should be proud of our part of the world.

The litter problem in Prudhoe is not as bad as many areas, but is no reason to ignore it.

There  are many ways to tackle the problem of litter in our Community, be it education, enforcement or just simply tweaking a few things in life can make a big difference.

Check out our Spruce Our Street Prudhoe  page – Click here

We are fortunate in Prudhoe to have such a good waste recovery Centre.


Our NCC road sweeper is dedicated to his role and takes great pride in his work.

The fantastic Prudhoe Ground force team –Click here and also many local residents do their bit for the Town.

We can not change things over night but we can all make a big difference in so many ways.

Not just quick fix / high profile events but also a long term view of how Prudhoe can tackle the issue that so many local people have a dislike of.


It takes seconds to drop litter.


A minute to clear it up.


But if left it will never go away.


Above – Gordon was contacted by concerned residents after a huge fly tipping incident occurred at 4am on a Saturday morning in a housing estate, the fear was that the rubbish would be left until NCC could collect it on the Monday,our team dealt with this within a few hours taking it to the tip, and worked with NCC & a housing provider to deal with the problem.

Because Prudhoe deserves far better !


What we would like. (and what many people tell us they would like)

Unfortunately charges for some forms of domestic waste have been introduced something we strongly disagree with and a Conservative Council would overturn.

We would like to see more items such as glass and more types of plastic being recycled through doorstep collections.


This page is currently under construction, and will be developed as we hear from local people, issues arise and as we all move forward.

We really would welcome all groups & individuals from the area to work with this on this community led effort.

A few links to help kick things off.

Bin collection dates – Click here

Waste recovery Centres – Click here

Local recycling points e.g Glass / Tetra Click here

Report a litter problem – Click here

Litter Action – Click here

Tidy Britain Group. Click here



Clean for the Queen 2016 – Click here







A reporting App and additional information – Click here




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