Dog issues.

The Northumberland County Council Animal welfare team deal with persistent dog fouling issues.

Check down this page to see how our community working together can help reduce this problem.

Lets all be  #ProudOfPrudhoe

General local Updates

Update 4/10/21 . (Older updates are now at the foot of this page).

Sept 2021

  1. Dog fouling Complaints in Northumberland 62
  2. Dog fouling complaints in Prudhoe 4
  3. FPN In Northumberland 1
  4. FPN In Prudhoe 0

Aug 2021

  1. Dog fouling Complaints in Northumberland 60
  2. Dog fouling complaints in Prudhoe 2
  3. FPN In Northumberland 1
  4. FPN In Prudhoe 0

July 2021

  1. Dog fouling Complaints in Northumberland 43
  2. Dog fouling complaints in Prudhoe 1
  3. FPN In Northumberland 4
  4. FPN In Prudhoe 0

June 2021

  1. Dog fouling Complaints in Northumberland 60
  2. Dog fouling complaints in Prudhoe 0
  3. FPN In Northumberland 2
  4. FPN In Prudhoe 0


We introduced a dog exercise area in Eastwoods Park !!

This has made a dramatic improvement to the situation.

Ample free parking, and even free dog bags are available if residents are signed up to the green dog walkers scheme.

We support NCC green dog walking events coming to the town.

Just in case people have difficulty in finding a dog bin !!!

And helping to make Prudhoe look better.



Benchmarking has shown that this was the highest number issued by any
of the seven North East Councils last year

In Prudhoe –

Enforcement officers meet our County Cllrs on a regular basis and patrol overtly & covertly in Prudhoe, but intelligence / information would make it easier to direct them effectively. Please see the quick and easy to complete reporting system below.

More proactive & preventative patrols are now being carried out.

The number of reports received in Prudhoe are very small compared with other towns of a similar size, the majority of reports are received in the South east area and some coastal areas.

The NCC enforcement officers operate mainly on a intelligence led response basis, so if residents and others can help with times / dates / desc etc that would greatly assist.

Signage is just one part of the way we can deal with the issue.

Find out the facts about dog fouling – See the below leaflet provided by the Keep Britain Tidy Group.



Other facts –

The vast majority of dog owners are responsible people who are concerned by the actions of the few who fail to clear up after their animal.

Dogs are not behaving irresponsibly, only those in control of them are by leaving the mess.

Most areas in the County (and elsewhere in the Country) suffer the same problem.

The Animal welfare team do a great job helping to educate, remind, warn or even enforce the law if required, but they can only operate effectively if information is provided which will help them carry out their job.

To this end it would be beneficial if as much information as possible is provided for them to help tackle the problem e.g exact location, time / day of repeat offending, name and or description of offender/ dog.

So please help them to help us all.


(Reports have been received about dog mess near Schools and in play areas.)


Check out the NCC Green dog walkers Scheme Click here 

Update on the green green dog walkers Scheme – August 2018 Click here

What bins can be used ?

Dog bags can be left in any bin, not just those designated for that purpose, and no one can answer the question why people pick up the mess in a bag and leave it on the ground or occasionally in trees.

Prudhoe has more bins provided than in other towns the size of it.

How to report persistent offending.

OnlineClick here (This is quick & easy and free)

By Post –

Animal Welfare Team. (Dog Control)

Northumberland County Council
County Hall
NE61 2EF

Telephone 01661 520005


Gordon joined up with the team on a high profile patrol.


(High Profile patrols act as a reminder).


(Above – Gordon reinforcing  warnings by placing additional signs)



Adderlane School

‘Free’ dog bags are available from The Spetchells Centre, Miners Lamp Community hub & The Tyne Riverside cafe.

Why not carry extra bags to give to other dog walkers who you may see out & about and have ‘just run out’.


(Signage is another way to remind people of their responsibilities).



Dangerous dogs – CLICK HERE

Concerns about Animal welfareClick here (NCC Reporting)

RSPCA – Click here

The Dogs Trust – Click here

RSPB – Click here

Keep Britain Tidy – Click here

HM Government – Click here

NCC Public space protection order – Click here

Micro chipping of dogs

It is compulsory for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks in England to be fitted with microchips (from 6 April 2016).  – Click here


Working with the whole community to bring about change


(The Animal welfare officers attend the Community walkabout events – Introduced by us in Prudhoe in 2016 )

Other information.

Tell us your views on a variety of subjects – Click here  

You can contact us – Click here

You can follow us on twitter @PrudhoeNland and like us on facebook ‘Prudhoe Matters’ and instagram ‘Prudhoe conservatives’


Re January 2021.

We had 241 dog fouling complaints in Northumberland in January ,1 of these was from the Prudhoe area
We issued dog fouling FPNs in Northumberland none of these were in Prudhoe.
We now have 3878 green dog walkers signed up ,no new ones from Prudhoe last month

Update 4/1/2021

December 2020
155 dog fouling complaints and one of these was in Prudhoe . No FPNs issued in December .
We now have 3853 green dog walkers signed up 72 of these live in Prudhoe (no new Prudhoe members Nov or Dec)

November 2020

115 dog fouling complaints in Northumberland 4 of these were Prudhoe area

1 fixed penalty notice issued  in Prudhoe – Eastwoods Park.

update 8th November 2020.

October 2020 figures

104 dog fouling complaints in Northumberland incl 2 in Prudhoe

2 fixed penalty notices elsewhere in the county.

September 2020 figures

68 dog fouling complaints in Northumberland incl 4 in Prudhoe

1 fixed penalty notice, not in Prudhoe.

Update 24th September 2020

August 2020 figures.

66 dog fouling complaints in Northumberland incl 2 in Prudhoe

1 fixed penalty notice, not in Prudhoe.

Update 18th July 2020

July 2020 figures

61 DF complaints in Northumberland  3 of these from Prudhoe area
No FPNs issued in Prudhoe area and none issued in the rest of Northumberland .
Another 2 Prudhoe residents joined the GDW scheme in July .

Updated July 6th 2020.-

Northumberland DF Complaints  Feb 201   Mar 115   Apr 75   May 63   Jun  60
DF Complaints Prudhoe area      Feb       Mar 7      Apr      May 1     Jun 2
FPNs Issued in Northumberland  Feb 2       Mar     Apr  0      May 0     Jun 0
No FPNs issued in Prudhoe area  and no enforcement patrols carried out anywhere during Apr,May and June due to Covid19 restrictions (we have now recommenced patrols )
We now have 3716 people signed up on the GDW scheme 67 in Prudhoe area (with 5 Prudhoe residents joining since Feb )
Updated 1st Feb 2020-
Jan 20 :  234 Dog fouling complaints in Northumberland  6 from Prudhoe . 2 FPNs issued 0 in Prudhoe
December 2019
91 dog fouling complaints in Northumberland in Prudhoe .  3 FPNs issued Northumberland 0 Prudhoe
November 2019 
60 dog fouling complaints in Northumberland  2 in Prudhoe . FPNs issued Northumberland Prudhoe

October 2019.

82 Dog Fouling complaints    3 from Prudhoe . 2 FPNs issued 0 in prudhoe

September 2019

87  Dog fouling complaints  in Northumberland

2 in Prudhoe

5 FPN issued 0 in Prudhoe.

August 2019

65 Dog fouling complaints in Northumberland 4 from Prudhoe    . FPN issued 0 in Prudhoe

We now have 2980 people signed up to green dog walker scheme ,59 of these live in Prudhoe area

July 2019

80 Dog fouling complaints in Northumberland  3 from Prudhoe . 6 FPNs issued 0 in Prudhoe

June 2019

NCC received 80 dog fouling complaints throughout Northumberland   of from the Prudhoe area. NCC issued 5 fixed penalties for dog fouling in June, non of these were in the Prudhoe.
We now have 2673 dog owners signed up to the green dog walkers scheme 53 of these are from the Prudhoe area .
December 2018 Update.
NCC received 108 dog foiling complaints throughout Northumberland in December.
3 of these were in Prudhoe area .
7 FPNs were issued in Northumberland none in Prudhoe area .
45 dog owners joined the green dog walker scheme in December,
None of these were from Prudhoe area.

October 2018 update

NCC received 103 dog fouling complaints throughout Northumberland in October .
5 of these were from the Prudhoe area .
5 FPNs in Northumberland in October none of these were in Prudhoe.

Sept 2018

The number of  residents who have signed up to the green dog walkers scheme in Northumberland – 1544 and 53 of those are in Prudhoe.