Supporting local business

We know that local business is vital for the whole community for a range of reasons.

We are committed to supporting business large or small within the Prudhoe area.

In 2016 Gordon & Ken set up the Prudhoe Business network as it was clear that there was a real need for all business to work together.

Prudhoe has lost out on investment and lacked a vision for the future for far too long and they are determined to make a positive difference.  


In November 2016 Gordon made the first presentation to business leaders.


  • Prudhoe business leaders met to discuss a variety of issues.The main focus being how can they work together in the future. Prudhoe is in a period of change yet again with a big increase in the number of houses and the possibility of substantial retail developments.
  • A greater use of digital skills was identified as being needed.
  • The business leaders wished to continue meeting and to enquire into various options which they felt may be able to assist them and the wider community.




What does the forum hope to achieve. ?

A Modern & forward thinking organisation supporting all business large and small currently in place or attracting new ones, working together, helping each-other survive & thrive.

Looking at employment opportunities for people of all ages and skills, marketing,transport, new trade such as tourism.

Online skills, funding, training,sales locally, regionally and if appropriate a lot further afield.

Working with Schools, colleges, Prudhoe Town market and other groups supporting people.

How many more areas could be enquired into ?

One voice speaking on behalf of all business in Prudhoe -The biggest Town in Tynedale.

It will be run by local business for local business but we will help kick start the network if there is a will to set one up.

It is worth stressing that this will not be at all political, just for us to start it off and be there if asked for at anytime.

It is run by local business for local business.

In early 2017 the forum decided to establish a brand called Visit Prudhoe’



This includes the use of social media such as Facebook & twitter as well as a website.

At this point the network was then handed over to a great team of local business people to drive this forward.


Major development proposed for Prudhoe 

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