Trees Hedges & Bushes


We receive numerous complaints about overgrown trees hedges & bushes.

Most enquiries have nothing to do with NCC but we are happy to signpost residents.

Other landowners in the Prudhoe area.

If the hedges or trees are on land controlled by a social housing provider the request should be directed to them. (Karbon / Bernicia / Gentoo)

See details of how to contact them – Click here

Shenstone properties control some land in Prudhoe – Click here

Woodland Trust – Click here

Stomping grounds – Click here

Gentoo – Click here

Persimmon – Click here

Bellway – Click here

Barratt Homes Click here

Northumberland Estates – Click here

Prudhoe Town Council – Click here

NCC Maps – Click here

There are other landowners in addition to the above listed.

If the enquiry relates to private property (including those listed above) NCC can NOT assist unless there are serious concerns that the trees are a danger to life.

What if someone enters land –

  • If someone cuts down/ trims / damages trees or bushes on land they do not own & without lawful authority they could end up with a criminal conviction
  • Many organisations incl NCC give away free trees, no trees should be planted on land without the authority of the land owner, again the legal implications can be severe, e,g causing damage to someones land by digging holes, someone being injured by tripping in holes.long term care over the trees etc.
  • The above includes land owned by NCC.
  • Report issues to the Police – Click here
  • Or Crimestoppers – Click here 

When to report tree issues to NCC –

  1. The council is responsible for the safety and management of trees on land in its ownership, and trees on road verges (but not trees in hedgerows alongside roads). The safety of trees on privately owned land is the responsibility of the landowner, and trees in hedgerows alongside roads are the responsibility of the owner of the hedge.
    If you see a tree that you think is a potential public safety problem, please use this form to let us know about it. We will inspect the tree, and if it is owned by the council, any work considered necessary will be prioritised according to the level of risk it poses to people or property. If the tree is privately owned we will advise the landowner of any safety issues. You can also report other tree issues on council land that are not related to safety. These will be assessed by us and any works deemed necessary will be prioritised accordingly.
    You can see how we assess and prioritise tree works by clicking the link below.

Please check out additional information CLICK HERE  

Check out a handy guide provided by the Chronicle – Click here

RHS advice incl ‘Right to light’ Click here

*Please read the whole article – but a short extract is copied here

What can I do if a neighbour’s tree blocks out my light?
The Rights of Light Act 1959 states that if a property has received daylight for the last 20 years (the minimum prescribed period), they may be entitled to continue to receive that light. This means that if your neighbour builds a large fence which restrict the daylight your property receives (for example by blocking daylight reaching a window), you may be able to apply to the courts for your daylight to be restored, or for any injunction to prevent a proposed fence being built. In theory the same case can be made for large trees blocking light but trees are rarely implicated because they grow slowly and it is difficult to be precise about when the loss of light occurred.

Trees restricting light that fall within the terms of the High Hedges Act might be contested on these grounds rather than the Right to Light Act.

In all other cases there is no inherent ‘right to light’ in relation to trees or hedges.

Also Information provided by HM Govt – Click here

CAB advice – Click here

How to Contact NCC Click here

Bird nesting season –

RSPB Information – Click here –

  • Breaches of the law are dealt with by the Police – See in the link above.

** There are several lawful exclusions to the above **

Hedgehogs –

Check out how to be hedgehog friendly – Click here 

tree preservation order

Have you checked to see if a tree preservation order has been made ?

Or would you like one on a tree you know of ?   Click here

We have ancient woodland around Prudhoe – These have extra protection – Click here

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