Housing information.

Prudhoe boasts a wide range of good quality housing.

Facilities and employment opportunities are good & improving.Estate agents

There are several estate agents located along front street area.

Social housing for rent.

Private landlords offer properties to rent in various parts of the town.

There are three main housing association with properties in the town.

Karbon homes Click here

Bernicia   Click here    (Umfraville Dene)

Gentoo Homes Click here    (Cottier grange)

*The above are not part of NCC *

In addition Advance Northumberland have some properties in the Tynedale area. Click here


Northumberland Homefinder is Northumberland County Council’s housing allocation service.

NCC do not own any properties to rent in Prudhoe, and the housing associations are not associated directly with NCC but work together.

Homefinder property search – Click here

Homefinder mutual exchange   – Click here

Homefinder joint ownership – Click here

Priority Bands

Northumberland Homefinder uses a banding scheme to prioritise applications.  Priority is given to people who are in most housing need  and not on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will assess your application and place it into one of 5 bands, These are;

Band P – applicants who are in urgent housing need.

Band 1 – applicants who are in high housing need.

Band 2 – applicants who are in medium housing need.

Band 2R – applicants who would otherwise be in Bands P,1 or 2 but whose priority has been reduced.

Band 3 –  applicants who are currently adequately housed.

For further information – Click here

Cottier Grange houses for sale.

Gentoo are currently developing this estate, houses for sale & rent.

(rental properties can be applied for via Homefinder)

For details of properties for sale contact Gentoo – Click here

Government schemes for home buyers

For further information – Click here

Various advice.

CAB Advice – Click here

Shelter advice – Click here

Govt advice – Click here

Age  Uk advice – Click here

NCC Planning applications – Click here

Common planning questions – Click here

NCC Planning advice – Click here

NCC local housing allowance – Click here

Apply for a dropped kerb – Click here

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