Planning applications

New planning applications are still being submitted to NCC and they are being processed and dealt with as appropriate.

Applications within the system including new ones will be dealt with (if accepted ) by way of being delegated to an officer or to be brought before a committee.

Update 19/5/20

The Ferndene applicaion is due before the Strategic planning committee on 2/6/20

  • At the time of this update the papers are not on the site but will be loaded onto the site in the near future *

Updated 2/5/2020

Successful training and tests to allow online planning committees to be held have been completed and we expect that the committees will now take place in the near future.

Delegated decision making by officers have been expanded as a result of the pandemic.

Guidance will now be drawn up and made public.


Updated 25/4/20

We have been advised that an officer only trial of  a virtual planing meeting has taken place and was well received, next week a further trial of the system will take place involving members of the strategic planning committee.

If this works well planning committee meetings will be held in May 2020 onwards using  google hangouts (or similar methods).

Delegated decision making is being expanded to allow the backlog of applications to be dealt with.

Gordon has insisted that the Ferndene application is still brought before a committee and this has been agreed.

The other application that has received a level of public interest is ‘The Allotment site’

This has not been progressed at this time as requests we made to the planning dept could not be enquiried into due to the lockdown.

Reminder to all interested parties that they can make representations at anytime up to the planning application is heard, the best way is to e mail the planning officer(s) and you may wish to copy in your County Councillor as well.

When will the Ferndene application be heard ?

We do not know yet but if asked to guess, possibly mid May 2020 but this is no more than a guess.

We do not have any more information about the way the new style planning committees will operate, but they will broadly follow the normal procedures so far as public speaking timings, debate process etc.

There has to be time for the papers to be prepared and Cllrs as well as the public to be notified, Cllrs via e mail and the papers sent to them, and the public notified as always via a notice on the NCC website.

We will also post the info on our social media feeds.


Updated 19/4/20

The Government has now given Councils the authority to conduct meetings differently including via video conferencing. – CLICK HERE

There will be a backlog of applications awaiting coming before committees.

We do not have any information at this time about when the committees will start to meet in some form.

Checkout our dedicated page regarding the planning process – CLICK HERE

Planning applications info re Ferndene Hospital – CLICK HERE

Old Allotment site – CLICK HERE 


How NCC services have changed – CLICK HERE


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