County Cllrs update 19/3/20


We continue to receive a very large number of enquiries from residents, but only a few about the virus and its impact.

Yesterday the Government announced that Schools will be closed, but support for children will be maintained.

Check out our dedicated website post & social media feeds for the latest information.

Many people expected this to happen.

The Government is announcing today a raft of financial support for business and the wider population. – Check out our dedicated webpage

NCC has been working with Schools for weeks to prepare for this being announced.

NCC also is working closely with other service providers.

Repeat of what we said yesterday– but still very important.

What should you do ?

Please adhere to the advice that the Government and medical experts give out, this is changing as more tests are being conducted.

Please check our dedicated post on this site with links to the latest advice.

DO NOT ignore the advice as you can put yourself and many other people at risk.


There is an increasing number of people working from home or self isolating.

Already we are becoming aware of some issues with them being in confined areas, such as boredom & feeling low.

It would appear that many people are watching constant TV coverage & social media feeds about the virus and this is having a deep impact upon them.

There is a level of FAKE news on social media and some inappropriate comments, even locally.

This is very unhelpful in so many ways.


We are here to support this great community everyday – If you have a question suggestion or just want to chat please get in touch – CLICK HERE

(We never enter into conversation or take reports via social media).

Thank you.

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