Coronavirus -Community support

We are being asked by residents what they can do to support our community.

It would appear that this virus will be with us for a long period of time.

Here in Prudhoe we have without doubt a fantastic community willing to help.

But as we do this we must also ensure we adhere to the experts advice and be responsive to this as it changes.

Whilst we  support those who are  elderly,  infirm or self isolating  we must make sure we do not pass on the virus unintentionally onto them or others by not sanitising correctly.

Please concentrate on your family members, friends & close neighbours first, as approaches to people you do not know could cause issues.

If you know of someone who needs assistance and is not receiving any please contact the NCC / NHS helpline one call –CLICK HERE or emergency services if urgent.

Encourage them to make simple changes such as daily phone calls, pay bills by direct debit etc so they do not worry about making payments, see if it is feasible to use online resources, such as can their medications be ordered online from their GP’s and get these delivered.

A very popular method of supporting people in communities elsewhere in the Country is outlined in this report CLICK HERE

Please check out our other post giving a wide range of specialist web links –CLICK HERE


You may wish to request to join the Facebook group – Prudhoe Covid 19 Aid


This has been set up to support our community.

Letters are being delivered to houses throughout the town – See copy below.

The residents may not be wishing to have support now, but are advised to keep the form in case they do later.

If you do not have a copy of the form or need assistance or wish to offer assistance please contact Prudhoe Town Council – CLICK HERE

Please only use this service when there is no alternative such as relatives & friends.

If you can order prescriptions for delivery to your home please do so this would really assist. CLICK HERE


How to help safely – CLICK HERE

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