Improving road safety- Feb 2020


Residents contacted us about #RoadSafety in this part of town.

Vehicles traveling far too fast, yes the speed limit is 60mph but that is the maximum and people should take into account road conditions.

Golfers cross over the road here, many may not be familiar with the area or be as quick as they once more.

There is a turnoff for houses east of this and further along a business so many potential hazards along the stretch of the road.

We asked NCC to reinforce the slow markings to remind drivers and this has now been done.

We can not prevent people speeding but we can do something to make the road that bit safer.

The proposed speed reduction near the Cottier Grange entrance is still being progressed, we share residents frustration at how long it takes to get things done.

But can reassure people that we do hassle those who need reminding.

Dealing with everyday issues everyday of the year.

(We do not take reports or enter into discussion via social media but offer a wide range of methods for residents to contact Gordon & Ken their County Cllrs )

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Helping everyone to be #ProudOfPrudhoe

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