Blood donor sessions in Prudhoe


We would like to see blood donor sessions restored in Prudhoe.

We have written to  ‘NHS Blood & transplant’ today.

In June 2018 our request was declined and the below reply received, we have asked that this decision is reviewed again.

Residents and others have told us they really would like to have the service restored, as they have had to give up donating as they are not able to travel far.

Other donation locations in Tynedale have now also ceased operating.

The population of Prudhoe has increased greatly since the decision was made to terminate the local sessions.

If restored it will also be beneficial to local business keeping people in the town & encouraging others to travel there, saving donors money & time also the environment by reducing journeys.

We are delighted that the NHS has now found a way to improve their service, but ask that they consider coming back to Prudhoe.


Check out where you can currently donate – Click here


There is a constant demand for blood, but it is lower than it was due to improvements in clinical practice and other factors. This is a trend we are seeing globally. We have reviewed our session programme and have reduced or changed our frequency of visits or locations we visit so we collect the right amount of blood at the right time to match patient’s needs.

We know our loyal donors will be disappointed by this but we have to plan our session programmes based on the amount and type of blood we predict hospitals will need. 

If we run sessions too often we would collect too much blood, be inefficient in how we run our service and it would cost the NHS more to get the blood patients need.

So therefore we closed down some local sessions and will not be looking to open any new session in future