Low Prudhoe planning application

Update 3/919

Planning application has been approved.

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Update 28/8/19

The papers for the planning committee are now available online.



Update 21/8/19

We have been informed that the application will be before the strategic planning committee on Tuesday 3/9/19.

Tests on the land have been taking place over the last few months and may continue.

Still tine to get your comments into NCC – see info below.


Update 2/8/19

There is a very good prospect of this application coming before the committee in September 2019.

We remain in regular contact with all interested parties.

Update 7/6/2019

We have had discussions this week with the NCC Planning department and also Northumberland Estates.

The planning application is almost ready to be considered by the NCC Strategic planning committee who meet each month. see dates Click here

No date has been set for this application to be placed on the agenda, but by all accounts it will be soon.

We are permitted to say that Aldi & B & M will be part of this development if permission is granted.

Discussions with other business are continuing.

Advanced discussions with a bus operator continue and we are confident that if the application is approved there will be a service to & from the development.

Like many factors we can not provide additional information but want to keep residents up to date as far as practicable.

This is a multi million pound proposal, the developer and  retail business have to be assured that it is viable, along with extensive planning research and consultation with numerous interested parties such as highways,the coal authority plus many more.

The views of residents submitted to NCC also play a major part.

In difficult retail trading times additional research & consideration has to be made.

Residents (or others) can still submit their views on this proposed development to NCC.

As always we do not discuss matters via social media but are available to discuss any issue with residents in a variety of ways.

** Prudhoe Town Centre development **

This is still being considered and discussions are continuing and we will provide updates when available.


This much talked about development proposal has taken a step forward with a planning application submitted to NCC.


** Update 6/1/19 ** NCC officers and other professionals are now preparing reports and these are being considered and will be submitted to the Strategic planning committee members, The decision is expected to be made in Spring 2019.

We will provide updates.


Details can be obtained from the NCC planning website – Click here

Anyone can comment upon the application – e.g Support or oppose or make a general comment.

The most popular method to comment is via the link above.

or via the e mail address planningcomments@northumberland.gov.uk

or via Post.

Applications are advertised widely.

Prudhoe Town Council – We have been contacted by numerous residents to say that they are concerned that PTC  voted to oppose the development (by a majority vote).

We have also been asked who voted which way, it would be unprofessional for us to comment and residents may wish to e mail PTC directly.  ( A named vote was not taken, just a count of hands, so the names will not recorded in the minutes).

The public were present at the meeting when the planning application was mentioned.

Details of the meeting are recorded in the minutes – Click here

Details of how the planning process works is available via this link – Click here

(Some of the FAQ info is below)

This information is provided to help residents understand a little about the process

What weight does the PTC decision have on the process ?

Parish councils play a pivotal role in the assessment of planning applications and often provide valuable local knowledge of issues which may affect development proposals. Parish councils are consulted on most types of applications within their boundaries, and have 21 days to submit any comments or observations they wish to make.

Who makes the planning decision ?

(There are various methods for determining applications = Major projects such as this one are determined by the NCC Strategic Planning committee made up of County Cllrs)

When an application is heard at a planning committee, the recommendation of the professional officers dealing with the case is considered by members of the committee. These recommendations are set out within reports that are published on an agenda for each meeting. Members of the committee will read these reports and have access to all the relevant documents and information in the same way that the public have access.

Which County Councillors sit on the Strategic planning committee ?

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Can members of the public attend the meeting?


What do the planners and County Councillors consider ?

The planning dept is made up of many professional officers with various speciality subject areas, The Councillors receive training and consider large applications each month and are therefore experienced in the process.

They consider a huge range of matters such as the suitability of land, environmental issues, the method of construction and the materials used, time of operation for the construction contractors their vehicles routes etc, access / exit routes, car parking for visitors to the building, issues impacting upon areas not within the site and many many more

When will the application be heard ?

The committee meets each month, but the process leading to the application coming before them could take a few months, there are strict time scales involved.

See link to NCC Meeting calendar Click here

Grounds for objections are various A broad outline is given below

The council can only take land use planning issues into account when it makes a decision on an application. These will vary depending on the proposal and the site circumstances, but may include:

  • The council’s planning policies
  • Central government planning guidance
  • The size, appearance, layout and density of the proposed development
  • Daylight, sunlight and overshadowing
  • Overlooking or loss of privacy
  • Means of access, parking, servicing, traffic generation, highway safety
  • Impact on landscape and ecological habitats
  • Effect on listed buildings, conservation areas and archaeology
  • Noise and disturbance
  • Air quality and odours
  • Contamination
  • Flood risk
  • Renewable energy, sustainability of proposed development
  • Crime prevention and community safety

The following are matters which the council cannot take into account, these include:

  • Private property matters such as boundary and access disputes, rights to light, restrictive covenants, capacity of private drains, damage to property during construction
  • Effects on property value
  • Trade competition
  • Loss of view
  • Building regulations matters such as structural safety and fire prevention and matters covered by other laws such as alcohol or gaming licences
  • The applicant’s personal conduct, history or motives

Changes can be made to a planning application during its assessment. If changes are made to the application during the process, a period of 14 days is usually given to residents and consultees to provide any further comments on the changes. Minor changes which do not change or alter the development or its impacts will not normally result in additional consultation.

What is happening about the other outline planning applications previously permitted ?

This is a matter for the developer to decide upon, and NCC or others can have very little to influence their position, all applications are decided upon on their own merits.

What is the view of the two Prudhoe County Councillors Gordon & Ken ?

County Councillors have restrictions upon what they can say at this time as they are still gathering the facts, and in such applications it would be inappropriate for them to make a pre determination of the application.

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