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Update 6th January 2019

The consultation will soon be over and we would like to thank everyone who has taken time and effort to put forward their opinions.

The view of Ken & Gordon has not changed from the first time this proposal was raised they have always said that they can not support it.

It is not a NIMBY  approach (Not in my own back yard ) but for well thought out reasons including basic fairness.

There are various reasons why the charges should not be imposed in Prudhoe and many of  these were outlined at the presentation made at the Prudhoe Town Council meeting, which was attended by members of the public and a Hexham Courant reporter.

Residents have contacted Gordon & Ken and expressed their views, this has been done via e mail and in person such as at the County Councillors Surgeries held around the town on different days and times, or at other meetings etc.

Including one Surgery at the Riverside park, on a busy Saturday morning.

As the two elected County Councillors for Prudhoe it is only right that they take such a proactive approach and have always recommended that residents make their views known to the decision makers directly.

That way there was a clear record held at NCC.

A free text record could be made to allow the resident to give evidence rather than just a ‘for or against’ and a few words.

Supplementary evidence could be submitted, and linked to the resident rather than duplication of respondents details, this way a true figure of how many people have recorded their opposition or otherwise is available.

The residents would be providing their details in a secure way into NCC which has strict GDPR controls.

This has proved to be very helpful.

We believe that this administration takes all consultations very seriously.

It also realises that it has to use tax payers money wisely

Everyone knows that money is tight and the area could be improved but there are serious concerns over the proposal used to raise funds in this way.

Our website and social media have covered this proposal and stated our position very clearly.

We were asked to circulate a petition and we have allowed this to be posted on one of our facebook pages, it remains there now.

We did not want to flood the feeds as has been done on other social media platforms by the people who controlled the petition.

It is disappointing to see that we have received criticism saying this was not allowed, and Gordon & Ken would not listen to the concerns of residents.

After all Prudhoe residents know the County Councillors are contactable every day of the year.

Nor have the people linked to the petition contacted the County Councillors to discuss the matter in person. it must be remembered that they are part of the decision making process.

Although the comments have come from people who are not residents of Prudhoe the County Cllrs would of course met them if they had asked, like they have done with many other residents from Prudhoe and other parts of the Tyne Valley or if they had even attended a surgery.

The people referred to are not elected members of Prudhoe Town Council with whom we have an excellent relationship with and provide regular updates to.

We have never entered into ‘playing’ such tactics of providing inaccurate information and criticism of individuals.

Nor do we compromise community social media feeds with pure political adverts.

We know that many Prudhoe residents have been concerned about the unjustified comments and thank them for their support.

We continue to put our case to the decision makers and hopefully our representations will be listened to and the proposals rejected.

Update 4/12/18

We have had detailed discussions at a high level within NCC and put our case against these proposed charges, our case was well received.

We ask that people continue to submit their views for or against the proposal and say why Prudhoe is a special case.

The best way to do this is to put your views for or against the proposals or provide an alternative directly to the decision makers at NCC see below.

Please feel free to cc Gordon & Ken into your correspondence.

** Update Wed 28th November 2018 **

On Wednesday 28th November 2018 Paul Jones  Director of Local services attended the PTC ordinary meeting and gave an outline of the proposals.

  • This was not a public meeting to discuss the proposals as advertised locally, but a Town Council meeting which are always open to the public and residents can ask questions with the permission of the Chair*


The Chair of the meeting permitted questions to Mr Jones from members of the public and Town Cllrs.

County Cllrs were also invited to speak about the proposals

Gordon & Ken made a joint presentation –

And gave details of the various areas of concern they had about the proposal.

They then made the following statement to sum up their position.

‘We can NOT support  the proposal in its current form, but will continue to fight to get a fair deal for Prudhoe, We have several other meetings planned to put our case’

We would recommend that anyone who wishes to make comments for or against the proposal do so via the NCC consultation process either in writing or via e mail at

It would be helpful if the reasons for or against the proposals are given, and any other suggestions relating to the subject.

Please say if you think Prudhoe is a special case and why.

Please help us to help you.


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** We have arranged for Mr Paul Jones to make a presentation to Prudhoe Town Council at their ordinary meeting on Wednesday 28th November 2018 **

Mr Jones is the NCC Director of Local services.

The meeting starts at 7pm in the Spetchells centre and like most PTC meetings are open to the public.

The public are not normally allowed to speak during such meetings unless permitted with agreement from the chair.


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