Eastwoods Park

Eastwoods Park was once a beautiful & well used park that unfortunately had been neglected for so long.

This park is for everyone who lives in works or visits #Prudhoe

Our aims include improving leisure and sporting opportunities throughout the town.

Increasing #TynedaleTourism and retaining / Creating #TynedaleJobs

Giving people great reasons to be #ProudOfPrudhoe

A lot of work has already taken place to improve the park and more is online to be done.

This is being carried out by many groups who are working closely together.

NCC, PTC, the energetic Friends of Prudhoe Woods and the recently formed and enthusiastic Friends of Eastwoods Park

Lots to be done – but huge improvements have already taken place.

The FOPW team have recently cut back overgrown trees and this has created a far more welcoming feel about the area.

We will announce some further details of short term plans to put the fantastic park to better use.

These changes don’t just happen people have to have ideas, put a lot of time & effort in and probably fundraise.

We are getting there!




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