Street lighting programme

Street lighting modernisation programme.

We are in regular contact with the contractors and have received an update today.

Errington Place lights – three columns have to be retrofit with new lanterns, it is anticipated that this will be completed later this momth.

Hillcrest – a lamp was installed and had to be removed,due to connectivity issues.
A nearby light will now be fitted with a twin arm to ensure sufficient light coverage is maintained.

Coldwell rd- an old lamp remains in place due to connection issues, this should be removed in a couple of weeks and the new light connected.

Adderlane Road / coldwell rd – this will be updated in the near future.

Moor Rd opposite Moor Grange – light in the footpath, the original light was in the same position.
We are in discussions with NCC re this as clearly the footfall in that area has changed greatly.

The new lights being installed in Moor Road are not part of this programme.

A few old lights remain on telegraph poles throughout the town, the contractor is aware and will be replacing them in the coming months.

The lights are located to provide a calculated amount of coverage of public roads / footpath i.e a maximum / minimum amount.