Pop up surgeries

We believe that County Councillors should be contactable in a variety of ways.

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They have commitments in and around the town and other parts of the County, including regular meetings at County Hall.

But occasionally meetings finish earlier than expected and this will allow residents to have a chat with their Councillors via our new ‘pop up surgeries’

We will mention via social media that your Councillors will be at a street / location and this will give  residents another opportunity to contact them.

It may work. it may not, but why not give it a try !!


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Eastwoods Park playground

We are delighted to announce that the new playground at Eastwoods Park will be officially opened at 11am on Friday 20th October 2017.


The Public are welcome to come along !

  • The playground will be available to the public after the opening, but certain cosmetic work still needs to be completed including new fencing and painting , rather than delaying this project further it has been decided to open the playground after stringent safety checks have been completed,  the cosmetic work  will be carried out when the Children return to School after the holiday.



Prudhoe Police Station

The relocation of the Police base in Prudhoe has been under consideration for a long time.

The Police & Crime Commissioner has agreed the base will now move to The Spetchells Centre on Front Street Prudhoe. (a few yards from it’s current location)


The move will take place during the week commencing the 4th December 2017

The police public enquiries desk will be situated on the ground floor next to the Karbon Homes and the centre’s librarian desk.

There is also an office space for the police to use on the first floor.

There is provision for a private room to speak with officers and staff, which is the case in the current building.

Hours of operation will remain as they are currently are & therefore no change to the service provided.

The cells in Prudhoe are not currently used  and have not been for a number of years.

It has been agreed with the local supermarket Co-Op that operational police vehicles will be permitted to use their nearby car park.

 The weather phone will be outside the centre, the telephone will be answered by a control room member of staff who will have access to information to ascertain where the nearest Police officer is located.

The centre will be used mainly by the Neighbourhood Policing team.

The service provided by the office staff, neighbourhood team and 24 / 7 cover will be the same as at present.

Neighbourhood Policing teams have used community premises for many years including supermarkets, shopping centres and Schools.

Making them more accessible to the public.

The greater use of mobile telephones and online reporting has changed the methods that the Public prefer to contact the Police, the office facility is being retained for the peak period of calls.

The PCC has not announced what will happen to the current building but it is presumed it will be sold.



The office of the Police & Crime Commissioner can be contacted if residents have any concerns about the move – Click here

The East Tynedale Policing team information – Click here 

Crime figures for East Tynedale – Click here




Democracy week in Prudhoe



As part of #DemocracyWeek County Councillor Gordon Stewart went into Adderlane Academy today to hear the views of Year 3 & Year 4.

The young people clearly have a great understanding of what democracy is all about.

They mentioned the good things about #Prudhoe and what they would like to be improved by the Councils.

They realised that ‘you cant please all the people all the time’.

The majority of the young people thought that Prudhoe was a friendly place to live.

And they clearly love their School.


Well done to everyone at the School !


Road safety


Gordon & Ken invited a NCC officer to visit #Prudhoe and raised with him areas of concern re road safety.

They visited many parts of the town and discussed speed calming & obstruction etc

A detailed report will be prepared by NCC to hopefully suggest ways in which road safety can be improved in the town.

We will as always provide updates via our social media feeds.

Proud of the park



Adderlane Academy Children are ‘Proud of the park’

The Children are concerned about the litter and dogs mess in Eastwoods Park #Prudhoe and are rightly proud of the area which is coming back to life.

The Children have prepared posters which they handed over today and these are now on display at the park entrance to remind people that such anti social behaviour is not acceptable in Prudhoe.

L-R Gerry Price (Mayor of Prudhoe) Geoff Cant (Active Northumberland / Prudhoe Waterworld) Mrs Potts (Headteacher) & County Cllr Gordon Stewart.
With some of the fantastic young people from Adderlane Academy.

Looking for a job ?

We are delighted to have assisted so many people find work either by them attending one of the Tynedale Jobs fairs or via our social media support or in a one to one situation.

Thank you for all the supportive comments made.

We would like to expand our support by letting employers know what great employees there are in the area looking for a new opportunity.

So if you would like to get the message out via our social media please contact us with just a few lines saying what employment you would like.

We will not give your personal details out but if a employer has a vacancy they will know you are out there.

Employers are welcome to add a comment onto the post or e mail us and we will let the interested person know about any vacancies.

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