Planning application- Land south of broomhouse lane.


Planning applications –

We encourage everyone to participate in all planning applications.

Check out the dedicated page on this website giving additional information about the planning process – CLICK HERE


** Updated 27/8/21 **

I continue to take into account residents views and also discuss progress with the NCC planning dept.

I ask that if any interested parties have not already submitted their opinion about this application to NCC they do so ASAP

A significant number of objections have been lodged by residents.

I can not disclose much of the update I have at this time but suffice to say the developer is aware of concerns and will be reviewing this application in the weeks to come.

It may come back with modifications or other action.

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**Update 2/7/21** 

A second application has been submitted for this site – CLICK HERE

**Update April 2021 **

Residents show their concerns via video Click here

**Update 3/4/21**

Concerns over development site – Tilley Cres – Click here

**Update 28/3/21**

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** Update 24/3/21 **

A revised application has now been submitted to NCC – A further consultation will now take place.

Check out the application – CLICK HERE

There is now a reduced number of dwellings planned for the site, including less  which will use the Tilley Cres access.

Our position is the same, we do not believe that vehicles should use this road.


This application-

74 houses & 15 apartments.

Land south of Broomhouse lane.
(behind the Legion- old Allotment site)

View the application CLICK HERE

Update 11th August 2020

The proposed 20 mph limit along Castlefields drive is nothing to do with this planning application nor the Low Prudhoe retail park.

See webpage – CLICK HERE

When the various stages of the retail park application were made no adaptions to the current road safety measures were recommended.

We feel that the safety could be improved by implementing a 20mph limit, not just along Castlefields drive but also along all roads that lead off that main route.

A NCC Highways improvement manager has visited the area on a number of occasions over the last three years to see if additional measures would be suitable and he has not recommended any.

In addition and in light of the proposed housing development referred to below, we have asked the NCC Planning dept, NCC Highways planning officer & NCC Highways manager to look again at any other measures that may be suitable.

As part of any planning process officers will look at how many accidents there have been, any speeding offences recorded by the Police or by other means, views of the public, the current and possible traffic flow, footpaths / crossing places, how wide the road is and any grassed areas on the side, street furniture,and many more aspects.

Occasional complaints are received re parking on Castlefields drive – CLICK HERE

Please see a link to NCC website re speed calming – CLICK HERE

Update 13/7/20

We have formally requested the NCC planning dept to enter into discussions with the developer to look at an alternative access road to the proposed housing development,
rather than through Tilley Cres – See our webpage CLICK HERE
The public are encouraged to consider submitting comments for any planning applications they feel they have an interest in.

As part of the planning process the developer and NCC Highways team will look at various aspects of travel, the public can submit their views & suggestions in relation to this and any other part of the planning application.

This will not just be in an area directly affected by the development if it is granted and built but far wider.

Update 1/4/20 – Due to the virus outbreak the way the Govt & Councils operate has changed in many ways, incl the planning applications.

If applications are to go before a committee the way in which that committee operates has changed such as video conferencing – This has required a change in the law.

There is therefore a backlog of applications awaiting consideration by committees.

Update 11/2/20

We will be calling at all houses which are directly next to the site of this planning application to make sure residents are aware that this has been submitted.

This is above any planning requirements and is out of courtesy, this will take some time to complete.

if no reply is received at the houses a standard calling card will be left.

Update 10/2/20

The planning application is now available for public viewing –


Update 7/2/20

Hexham Courant report –Click here


We are aware that Northumberland estates are in an advanced stage of preparing a planning application to build houses and apartments on this site.

Not all the site is designated for housing in this application, the developer may have other plans for that area.

We will provide additional information as soon as we can.

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(We do not take reports or enter into discussion via social media but offer a wide range of methods for residents to contact Gordon & Ken their County Cllrs )

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