Proud of Prudhoe – Community support recognition.- Roll of Honour.


During the current pandemic the support provided by so many people around Prudhoe has been remarkable.

Most have got on with their jobs or volunteering tasks quietly with no fuss or wish for recognition or reward.

But we believe that everyone who has shown true support for the community in what has been the most difficult period that this Country has seen in peacetime deserves some recognition.

This is why we approached the Prudhoe Community Partnership and asked that the TV Screen located in the entrance to the Spetchells be used to show the names of all those that we become aware.

(After the centre reopens)

The PCP has kindly agreed to this. – CLICK HERE

So if someone has been working in caring services, emergency services, council, schools, medical services, any business , volunteer or just a canny caring neighbour.

In fact anyone who has been of help to others please let us know their name and their contribution.

** Ensure that they would agree to their names being mentioned in this way **

And send the information via e mail to

Details required.

Name of person nominating

Name(s) of person nominated

(people can nominate themselves)

Part played by the person nominated – e.g volunteer delivering food.


*** This is in addition to the Proud of Prudhoe awards *** CLICK HERE

Lets all be very #ProudOfPrudhoe