Measures to help reopen front street Prudhoe

The Government confirmed a few days ago its intention to allow further types of businesses to reopen from Monday 15th June 2020.

We have been involved in consultation with senior officers within NCC and Prudhoe Town Council to agree measures appropriate for this town, to support businesses to reopen and to reassure the public.

We have also recently been is discussion with representatives from the newly formed Prudhoe Front Street traders association and the Prudhoe Community Partnership, taking into account their views.  

Many businesses have contacted us over the last few months over a range of issues, and of course so have a large number of residents.

Prudhoe has a unique front street business offer, although proudly located in Tynedale Northumberland it is geographically linked to Gateshead & Newcastle.

The front street’s buildings are mostly old with some access challenges. e.g deliveries.

Some of the footpaths are narrow.

It is located close to residential areas and has a bus route along the street, with numerous free car parking spaces close by.

Many of the businesses are owned and run by local residents, employing local people.

This is of a huge benefit to the overall offer.

We call Prudhoe the ‘ friendliest ‘ town, It is indeed a great place to live work visit & invest in.

As we anticipate more businesses are likely to open again on the 15th June we have looked into how this can be done in a safe way, helping everyone to shop locally.

We are aware that many businesses have remained open throughout this ‘lockdown’ and we thank them for the service they have provided, as this has taken place we and the traders as well as the general public are aware of  some of the measures in place during this ‘new normal world’ we are in.

Issues & concerns reported during this time up to this date have been very rare.


It is only right that with the potential for more people on the front street sensible and reasonable measures are put in place which will continue to portray Prudhoe as a welcoming place to shop.  

This can only happen if we all work together – including adhering to the latest advice provided by the experts.

So if you are going to shop please put this at the forefront of your mind before you go out and whilst enjoying your visit.

What will you notice at a business ?

Business premises may have signs on the outside of their premises which mention any safety measures in place, please read them.

You may see markers on the ground in the street & in businesses they are there to help everyone keep a safe distance.

There may be a reduction in the normal level of goods on display to help with social distancing.

They may now be offering a contact less payment system, you may wish to upgrade your payment card.

Some may prefer not to receive payment in cash.

Businesses my amend their opening hours.

And some may now operate an appointment system.

Check out their websites & social media feeds for information about opening hours and additional information.

Whilst on the street or in premises please always adhere to social distancing.


NCC Measures for Implementation from 15th June
● Scheme of enhanced social distancing signage – including ground
stickers, signs affixed to street furniture, bus shelters etc, targeted at
pinch point areas, particularly the pedestrian crossing points on Front
● Adjust timings of town centre pedestrian crossing to make it easier for
pedestrians to cross quickly and reduce the potential for queues to
● Work with traders to remove unnecessary street advertising boards /
display of goods on the pavement.

This is a very important measure to help create a safe area for all, and we respectfully ask traders to take this action with effect from – Monday morning prior to the start of the trading day.

● Work with the Town Council to relocate any street furniture, but only if
this is creating an obstruction that results in social distancing problems.

The large planters have recently been painted and summer bedding plants will be put out in the near future enhancing the street scene, the planters would be very difficult to remove due to their weight and many are bolted into the pavement. 

Provision of additional cycle parking racks to encourage more cycling
into the town centre at locations jointly agreed with the town council.

● Provision of ‘Community Ambassadors’ for at least the first week of
reopening to provide a highly visible presence within the high street
offering support and guidance to shoppers and traders and to have
‘eye’s on the ground’ to identify any issues for escalation.

● Allocation of a senior NCC manager to act as a key point of contact for key stakeholders for any issues that require escalation/resolution.

We will of course remain contactable as always on every day, and will be in the Front street area on a regular basis to help everyone enjoy the experience of visiting the Prudhoe.  


The following potential next steps have been identified as options that will be
discussed further with key stakeholders as a possible next phase of activity to
create additional pedestrian circulation space for social distancing purposes, if
this is required as the town becomes busier or to support the reopening of
cafe’s, restaurants and other licensed premises.
● Temporary suspension of some on-street parking / loading areas on
Front Street.
● Temporarily extend the 20mph limit along Front Street to the Dr Syntax
Public House.


Reminder – Just because you can go out does not mean you have to go out.

  • There are many other businesses elsewhere in the town who also provide and excellent service, but this post refers to front street where there is likely to be a far greater number of visitors at one time. 

 Prudhoe has more street bins than any other town the size of it, please use them or take your rubbish home.

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