Pharmacies – help them to help you.

Pharmacies are extremely busy at the moment, dealing with additional requests from residents and also some may have reduced staffing levels.

The current self isolation of so many people is bringing additional problems.

We have been in contact with the below pharmacies

Boots   48 Front St CLICK HERE

Boots   77 Front St  CLICK HERE

Boots do provide a local delivery service and this may well help many people & reduce the strain upon the shops, volunteers supporting residents around the town in this difficult time.

(Check out volunteer support during this crisis – CLICK HERE )

The delivery can be ordered online & via the phone.

Please be aware that the telephone line is usually very busy during this time.

CLICK HERE    There are charges for delivery set by the companies HQ but this may change due to the current situation.

We have also been in contact with the Haydon Bridge pharmacy which is well known to many Prudhoe residents.


They assure us that they have the capacity to offer more residents  in Prudhoe their service. – Currently a free delivery service.


There are other pharmacies available check out the NHS website – CLICK HERE

The Riverside surgery Wylam also has a pharmacy – CLICK HERE


This crisis may be going on for several weeks so it could save you/ your family/ volunteers and the NHS / pharmacies a lot of time and effort if you register for the above services.

Please also consider registering for NHS GP services – CLICK HERE 

Check out our dedicated website post with a range of useful information – CLICK HERE

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