South road


Update – 1/2/20

For info the latest is that we are awaiting for the electrical costs so we can complete the overall cost then we can send it out for construction. At that point we should get a likely construction date.



Update 21/9/19 

Detailed plans have been drawn up with two different options being presented these are currently being evaluated.

Update 7/8/19 from NCC Senior officer.

The scheme is one of the 2019/20 LTP schemes. It is currently in the design stage and is reaching the end of that process. We expect the design will be completed in the next 3-4 weeks with all the necessary inputs from Regional Traffic Signals Group, street lighting, etc.

It will then be passed to the delivery teams for programming into their works schedule.

Once the delivery teams have it we will be able to give further information on construction programme

Updated 18/1/2019 Further to the previous information we have provided.

The South road area is particularly busy at the start or end of the School day.

The amount of heavy traffic has reduced since the High School building has been completed and the old Prudhoe Hospital site construction entrance has changed.

But it is still handles a large amount of traffic every day.

A School crossing patrol gave reassurance to many families and road users but sadly we lost the well respected patrol officer some time ago.

Since then there has been a lot of publicity to try and employ a crossing patrol officer but no applications have been progressed.

Nationally there are difficulties in filling such positions, if you would like to apply please contact us and we would be pleased to help.

We have worked with an NCC officer to look at the options and asked him to carry out a feasibility study regarding a pedestrian crossing in the area.

With such work proposed consultation has to be carried out.

The exact location has had to be carefully decided upon to be the most beneficial and also not overly inconveniencing residents and also be safe for all road users.

(ie with so many roads near a junction and large numbers of people wishing to cross coming from different premises it is challenging to find the ideal location, as some may decide not to walk a short distance to the crossing but to go over the road within sight of it).

As most of the premises in the area were built a long time ago the siting is difficult and the incline / winding roads and several converging also cause difficulty.

There is also a sizeable cost involved, Ken & Gordon have agreed  to support a crossing with large financial contributions from their annual allowance available under the elected members scheme.

This has greatly improved the provision of the crossing at an earlier stage above other road improvement schemes within the County.

The funding of the crossing has been agreed and the work is due to take place during the early part of this year.


Please take extra care when in the area as either a driver or pedestrian and ensure vehicles are not parked on pavements.

Although mention has been given a lot about School crossing times it should also be stressed that people of all ages and abilities may wish to cross at anytime.

It would also assist if wheelie bins do not cause a hazard and any hedges etc are cut back to allow ease of access for all pedestrians.

We have recently carried out a speed survey in the area with many residents, and would like to thank them for their responses which we will collate and then raise any concerns to the Police.

The speed of vehicles is reduced greatly during busy times of the day.

Electronic speed monitoring has been conducted in the area at our request but no major issue was disclosed, obviously one vehicle travelling at high speed can cause a danger.

We meet with the Schools and Police on a regular basis.

Schools do raise road safety with pupils and their families in different ways.

We have kept PTC informed at their meetings as this progresses.

As always we will  provide additional information as soon as possible to the public via our website & social media feeds.

Check out additional information on the THINK Road safety website.

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