Lets make Prudhoe a social media friendly town.

Inappropriate comments made on social media can cause a lot of upset to others.

Such as comments made about individuals, their families the business they own or work at or community group they are involved with.

If you have a genuine complaint there will be far better methods of dealing with it than posting on social media.

Lets make Prudhoe a social media friendly town.




Please think and consider the impact upon others before liking, sharing or posting etc.

If you have any inappropriate posts on your platforms please delete them ASAP.

Your digital footprint will last forever, and may well impact upon your future employment opportunities and a lot more besides.

Check out this very thought provoking article / programme.


What to do if you suffer or witness online abuse –


Key points

  • Keep a record of any abuse
  • Carefully consider how and whether to respond to inaccurate or defamatory social media comments
  • Report any abuse to the social media companies for its deletion or to raise concerns about an account
  • Consider reporting the matter to the Police or a governing body.
  • Block the offending account and tell your online friends about the incident and recommend that they also block the account.
  • Do not share the post as you are condoning the abuse.

Various sources of advice







Social media companies advice





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(We do not take reports or enter into discussion via social media but offer a wide range of methods for residents to contact Gordon & Ken their County Cllrs
https://prudhoeconservatives.wordpress.com/contact-us… )