Roundabout A695



Update 1/2/20

The roundabout is now ‘complete’ with a few tweaks and awaiting am independent examination.

We have raised queries with GMBC on behalf of residents.

Update 22/11/19

Link to Gateshead MBC Website News section – Click here

13/11/19 – Gateshead MBC announced a delay – see website link above.

We ask for updates from Gateshaed MBC on a regular basis and will post information when we receive it.

Update 30/10/19 Provided by Gateshead MBC

The Contractor is in week 13 of a 16 week contract. The remaining kerb and drainage works of Phase 2 are nearly complete. It is anticipated the night-time closures to allow the remaining surfacing courses to be laid will commence next week as follows: –

Thursday 7th November 2019 20:00hrs – 06:00hrs
Friday 8th November 2019 ​​20:00hrs – 06:00hrs
Monday 11th November 2019 20:00hrs – 06:00hrs
Tuesday 12th November 2019 20:00hrs – 06:00hrs
Wednesday 13th November 2019 20:00hrs – 06:00hrs

The surfacing works are affected by the night-time temperatures and wind speed so there is potential for these works to be delayed.

Planned works

Following night-time closures the temporary traffic signals are to be removed and the roundabout will be in use. The outstanding works items can be achieved with traffic cones and narrow lanes.

The works are progressing to the programme, however, as we enter the autumn period the chances of working days lost to adverse weather increases.

Update 4/10/19 Provided by Gateshead MBC

Progress to date
The Contractor is in week 9 of a 16 week contract. The surfacing base course to the
roundabout is being laid and it is anticipated Phase 2 of the works will be introduced
sometime next week. The traffic control will continue to be three-way portable traffic
signals, but the shuttle route through the works area will be altered.
Planned works
During Phase Two works will be carried out to the south west and north of the new
roundabout including new kerbs, gullies, drains and lighting columns. The works are
progressing to the programme, however, as we enter the autumn period the chances of
working days lost to adverse weather increases.

Progress to date 18/9/19
The Contractor is in week 7 of a 16 week contract.

The works require phasing to allow a single lane of traffic to be open on the A695 and B6395.

During the first phase, works are being carried out to the south east area of the site including the roundabout central area.

The works include: site clearance of existing kerbs and gullies; ground
excavation; installation of new kerbs, gullies, drains and lighting columns; lay
carriageway sub-base and surfacing base courses.

The works are progressing to the programme, and there have been no delays due to weather.
Planned works
Works will continue on the installation of new kerbs, gullies, drains and lighting
columns over the next two weeks.

The surfacing works are due to start week commencing 30 September.

After the surfacing base courses have been laid the temporary traffic management will be changed to the second phase.

Temporary traffic management
There is a temporary 30 mph road speed limit for vehicular traffic. The Contractor has
opted for three-way portable traffic signals for traffic control.

This provides safety for the workers working adjacent to the highway by reducing vehicle speeds, and providing additional working space thus reducing the number of phases and contract length.

Portable traffic signal operation
The signals are phased as follows: –
 Phase 1 A695 westbound
 Phase 2 A695 eastbound
 Phase 3 B6395
The signals are vehicle actuated meaning each signal has a microwave vehicle
detector, which senses approaching vehicles. Following vehicles will extend the time
that the green light is shown.

The duration of the green period varies between the minimum (12 seconds) and the maximum green period (90 seconds).

The signals change either when the last vehicle has passed, or after the maximum time the green signal has been set for.

The signals are manually controlled from 0730 to 0930 and 1530 to 1830 Monday to Friday.

Issues with traffic signal operation
In the first week of signal operation there was an issue with the moving vehicle

All the detectors were replaced.

Daily checks are carried out on the signals.

Observations are carried out to determine if any phase has longer vehicle queues and
if vehicles are still in the shuttle lane at the start of the next green.

It has been frequently observed that vehicles are entering the shuttle lane after the
start of the red phase, this reduces the available green phase in the subsequent phase
leading to longer queuing time.

It also affects the operation of traffic signals as they default to their “safe” mode by showing red to all approaches.

Update 20/8/19

We continue to enter into communication with Gateshead  Council officers.

Any road closures will take place towards the end of the construction work ie November or December.

it is anticipated that the closures will take place for a few hours during the night over approx 4 nights.

Further information will be provided nearer the time including bus diversions.

We have asked for weekly updates from Gateshead Council that we can share with the public, or more regular if there is something of a urgent nature.

Road closure notices usually give authority longer than os required to save contractors reapplying if the weather or other exceptional matters impact upon the work.


Updated 1/8/19

We are advised that the majority of the works will be completed off the highway and two way traffic will be maintained on both the A695 and the B6395 at all times.
BUT some work will be required on the carriageway and temporary traffic signals will be needed for workforce safety – delays can be expected at peak times.
A full road closure will be required when the final road surfacing is carried out but this will be done during the night to minimise disruption.
Gateshead Council apologises for any inconvenience these works may cause and asks drivers to allow a little more time for their journeys.

Updated 17/7/19

A lot of misinformation has been placed on some social media platforms please read the facts below-

As per Gateshead MBC Highways team

Highway improvements comprising the construction of a new roundabout to replace the
existing “T” junction between the A695 Prudhoe Industrial Link Road and the B6395
Stanleyburn Road.

Why are the works being carried out ?

These highway improvement works were included as a planning condition attached to
the development of Cottier Grange residential properties on the site of Prudhoe
Hospital in Northumberland. The developer of Cottier Grange, Gentoo Homes Ltd, are
funding local road safety and traffic flow improvements to the A696/B6395 junction.

Who is doing the works?
Gentoo Homes Ltd issued tenders for the works to a short list of local contractors, the
contract was awarded to Gateshead Council’s direct labour organisation.
When do the works start?
The highway works are due to start 05 August 2019.
How long will the works last?
The works are programmed to last 16 weeks and are due to be completed before
December 2019.
How will it affect traffic?
The works will be phased to ensure that the A695 and B6395 are open to traffic at all
times, however, a temporary 30 mph road speed limit will be in operation to protect the workforce.

The majority of the roundabout construction can be achieved off the carriageway and two-way traffic flows can be maintained.

When work is required on the carriageway temporary traffic signals will be required to make sure there is sufficient safety clearance to between the traffic and workers.

There will be some traffic delays due to queuing especially during the morning and evening peaks.
A full road closure will be required when the surfacing is being carried out, this activity
will be done during night-time to minimise traffic disruption, diversion routes will be posted.


This is a major project that has been under consideration for a longtime.

The primary concern must be to improve road safety.

Many residents and business have asked us to progress this.

We do not enter into discussions or take reports via social media but offer a range of  methods for residents to contact Gordon & ken their County Cllrs

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