Speeding issues

Sunday afternoon getting on with those small but important jobs around the town.

#ScrubASignSunday plus .

We have received several complaints from residents about the high speed of some vehicles leaving & entering Prudhoe along this road particularly in the 30 mph area.

We asked NCC to repaint the 30mph sign on the road as a reminder and this has been done.

Other NCC officers have been asked to progress looking at a solution to this issue.
Including extending the 30mph area.

The Police will be carrying out additional speed checks in the area.

The 30mph metal sign has been scrubbed and the pedestrian area has had the majority of the built up sand and weeds removed by us today to assist pedestrians to cross.
Work in progress .

(The heavy rain will clear a lot more away now).

We have asked if a dropped kerb could be provided to assist those wishing to use the refuge.

Reminder pedestrians including many visitors to the town cross the road between the two parts of Prudhoe golf course with their trollies, this being just outside the 30mph area.

Dog walkers are regular users of this area.

Children use this area to walk to local Schools, Nurseries and the park etc.

There are bus stops on both sides of the road.

Pedestrians please use the refuges provided.

We can only do so much but the drivers have to take responsibility for their actions.