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The Haven – Prudhoe


Update 9th October 2019

Karbon have now submitted a planning application for the Haven.

To look at the application – Click here

What happens now ?

The official planning application process is now in place with timescales.

The planning application process – Click here

Anyone with interest in this application is now able to make their views known directly to the planning authority which is Northumberland County County.

The easiest way to do that is via the online form above, that way the details are recorded directly with the authority in a secure way.

Or in writing / e mail to the planning dept at NCC.

You can comment in favour or against this proposal or make any comment such as a suggestion of how the applicant could improve the application.

You could mention any concerns you may have.

Suggestions  for reasons to support or object to this or any planning application are given in the link above also copied here – Click.




**Please scroll down this page for updates ** – The latest one was added – 12/6/19


Karbon Homes have advised us that they intend to apply to demolish ten of their properties in The Haven.

Replacing them with seven new high quality homes, (2 or 3 bedroomed). 

Residents will/ may have already received a letter and will be consulted.

We realise that many questions will be raised by residents, their families and other members of the community.

No planning application has been submitted at this date.

We will enter into discussions with Karbon (hopefully) next week and we will provide information as soon as practicable.

We will of course support the residents this affects.

Karbon will be holding an engagement event where all local residents and stakeholders can find out more info.

4-6pm 20/5/19 at the Spetchells centre.

Karbon is a social housing provider and is not connected to NCC.


update 4/5/19


To watch this video Please Click here

Update 5/5/19














Above -letters sent to residents by Karbon homes.



Tyne Tess TV have covered this issue and again great emphasis was put on the need to keep the welfare of the residents the number 1 priority.

ITV report – Click here







We do do not want to keep calling on residents as this may cause additional stress to them  in such a difficult situation but have regular street surgeries in the area which have proven to be helpful allowing discussion with residents their families and other members ‘ on the street’.

We will make periodic visits.



Update 20/5/19

The public consultation event took place as advertised and approximately 50 people attended.

Gordon attended for the 2hrs + and spoke with many attendees.

He reiterated that his major concern was  or the residents welfare.

It is also a priority that we have right housing supply for now and into the future.

He will continue to make himself available if any of the residents their families or other interested persons wish to discuss this issue with him.

Karbon are continuing with the consultation with no end date given as yet.

Gordon & Ken have held a lengthy meeting with senior representatives of the social housing company and put to them many questions raised with them  by the public.

Further discussions will take place.

Below are a few basic illustrations provided by Karbon,

No planning application has been submitted by Karbon, if they do so they will involve a huge amount of Information ie far more than the basic illustrations shown.

As Gordon & Ken both sit on planning committees they may well be part of the decision making process (dependent upon which committee the application goes before) and as such they will be able to speak upon the plans.

Rules restrict what they can say or do in the process if they ‘pre determine’ any application before the decision stage.

But it is important to remember no such application has been submitted and may  never be submitted.

It is vital that the affected residents only hear the facts not Ill informed speculation or rumours that could create even more stress for them and their families.

That includes verbally, in print or via social media.

If anyone has any doubt what is fact and what is fiction contact Gordon or Ken your County Councillors.








Update 12/6/19


We continue to work with Karbon homes and the residents / families of those impacted upon and others who have contacted us directly.

Our main priority continues to be the welfare of the current residents and secondly the provision of suitable homes in the town.

Karbon have  not submitted plans to NCC a this time.

Today Karbon have contacted us with this update-


Hi Gordon,

Following our recent consultation event about our plans for The Haven, we have listened to all the feedback we received, and have amended our plans as a result. We are now looking to develop six two bedroom bungalows on the site which will be available for Affordable Rent instead of two and three bedroom family homes.

I would like to thank you for your useful feedback on behalf of your constituents and hope the new plans will allay some of the concerns that you and others have raised.

We will be holding another public consultation meeting in the near future about the new plans and welcome any further feedback. We continue to support residents of The Haven in finding a new home that meets their needs. If you have any queries, please get in touch.

Karbon statement to the press & public – Click here




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We do not enter into discussions via social media but offer a range of methods for residents to keep in touch with Gordon & Ken their County Cllrs. Click here

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