Traffic issues



Complaints have been received about a number of vehicles travelling at very high speed – both entering and leaving the 30mph area as shown in the photo.

This is not the case of a few miles above the limit but far greater.

The Police are now monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling along this road & taking positive action.

We have also enquired into the possibility of reducing the speed limit between the 30mph zone and the bypass.

This area has changed a lot over recent years due to the housing developments in Prudhoe and those being constructed in the Gateshead area.

We are asking that any survey / consultation and implementation costs re amending the speed limit be funded by developers rather than tax payers.

This process will be led by Gateshead MBC with NCC and others being consulted.

This will take a while to sort but we will keep chasing it up and provide updates.

Although the speed limit signage is good we have asked NCC highways to review it.


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