Moor road

The last administration left us with a right nightmare of issues in this part of town, but as promised we are working through them.


Out doing home visits this sunny Sunday afternoon in #Prudhoe

Residents have contacted us about a range of issues.

A lot of very positive feedback about the high standard of the major road repairs on Moor road incl new lights, drainage & surface.

In between meetings collected 4 cones which had been left by a contractor, although NCC were awaiting them to to be collected, decided to pack them in the boot of the car and take them to the depot to tidy the place up.

(The roads around where the cones were have also had substantial investment in them).

After many years of neglect we are dealing with the backlog of many roads in need of investment, we don’t complain we just do it.


(We do not enter into communication via social media but offer a range of methods for residents to contact Gordon & Ken their County cllrs)