Reports of excess speed.

Residents inform us of speeding vehicles on a frequent basis.

The two roads mentioned most to us at the moment are those shown below.

One has traffic calming in place already and the other has been recently relaid, which some people think has caused some drivers to increase their speed.

The purpose of this post is simply remind drivers that there are various speed limits within the town and these are maximum.

If residents do report speeding incidents to us we will pass the information onto the Police, It would be quicker if residents contacted the Police directly to make sure that they are aware first hand.

Some reports we have received about what is thought to have been a speeding vehicle have taken several days for residents to make a report.

We can work with highways authorities experts & the Police to look at long term solutions if there are real concerns. This is a protracted process usually involving various forms of consultation and legal advice.

We are aware that the Police will soon be taking a proactive approach towards speeding in the town (in addition to their normal duties)

You can contact the Police in a variety of ways, it would assist if details of time / date / desc of the vehicle(s)/ location and direction were provided.

We do not discuss matters via social media but offer a range of methods for residents to contact Gordon & Ken their County Councillors.


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