Moor road site entrance

Over the bank holiday weekend we had discussions with Gentoo in relation to the site entrance from Moor Road.

Permission was granted by the last administration as part of the planning process, for them to use that entrance with  basically no restrictions upon time etc.

The developer has now agreed to stop using this entrance.

From today (28/8/18) they will be advising all suppliers and sub contractors to start using the main entrance to the site from the B6395.

The moor road entrance will be closed to all traffic as soon as possible. (This will not take place immediately, as there will be a delay in current users passing info onto their drivers etc but a noticacle difference will be obvious over the next few days)

Therefore the amount of traffic travelling up south road / Redwell Road / Moor Road and along front street will be greatly reduced with the obvious positive impacts.

We know this news will be welcomed by many people.

We are working with the developer to try to ensure the public right of way is opened  as quickly as possible.

The closure was also built into the planning process.

As always we will continue to keep the public informed.