Additional street lighting



A request from a resident was received to improve the street lighting in this part of the town.

NCC were contacted to look at the feasibility of this request and if the additional lighting could be provided.

Much of the current street lighting is diluted due to trees that border the road.

We are in support of additional lighting being provided, and have also asked NCC to ensure that the owner of the trees are made aware of the issue and to cut the trees back.

NCC can not just go and cut trees back on private land, there is a process to go through, sometimes this may involve legal action being taken by the Council.

It is not uncommon for landowners to totally frustrate the process.

Funding has to be sourced, which may mean that other similar projects have to be postponed or shelved.

Ken has pledged to spend up go £6K of his annual members scheme allowance to progress this scheme , (this is a massive part of his £15K annual allowance).

We will continue to keep residents informed of how this proposal progresses.



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