Anti social behaviour




Friday evening / night -pleased to participate in a multi agency operation which took place in Prudhoe to help raise awareness of anti social behaviour and also tackle it.

(The first of many to be held).

This was in conjunction with Northumbria Police PrudhoeTownCouncil Northumberland Youth Service working in collaboration with Schools from within the area as well as the Community Alcohol Partnerships

Bottles of alcohol were seized from an underage youth in West Wylam.

Warning notices were delivered to several parents regarding their child’s recent behaviour.

Many members of the public mentioned they were delighted that such positive and high profile action was being taken, this included some young people who also felt safer.

Off licences were visited during last night.

We are working with the licensees to reduce proxy sales.

Anti social behaviour levels in #Prudhoe are low compared with many other towns in the area, or elsewhere in the Country but we feel it is right we are tackling this together.

With even greater assistance from the public a lot more can be done.

Please report ALL incidents to the Police.

Do not buy / supply alcohol to under 18yrs.

If you do,it could lead to a conviction for a criminal offence.

Amazing that some parents provide alcohol to their children.

Your actions may have contributed to disorder / damage or even worse crime.

The vast majority of young people in this town are fantastic, and we do not want the lives of any of them to be harmed in anyway by them doing a stupid act whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Let’s all be #ProudOfPrudhoe

Northumberland County Council -County Councillors supporting the community.