Homes England land for sale

Homes England are now advertising land for sale within the #Prudhoe area.

(Old Hospital land)

It is common practice for this type of land to be sold on a regular basis, land is often put up for sale and never sold or it could take a long period to sell.

There should be no change regarding any public right of way or use of the land.

We have asked for a meeting with Homes England in relation to another matter, and when we meet we will obviously raise this point.

We have also contacted the agent to note our interest.

We have also alerted officers and interested organisations and will be working with them.

As always we will try to keep the public informed of anything of interest.

Please see post below re the new local plan & what it means,particularly about preserving the green belt.

Who are Homes England –…/organisations/homes-england/about
Agent –

Details of this sale.

please note the caveat within the info – Restrictions:
The vendors will impose a restriction that the use of the site shall be restricted to farmland and woodland use only.

Click to access Prudhoe-Marketing-Particulars.pdf


Northumberland local plan-…/Planning-policy/Plan.aspx


A pure guesstimate of the prices being sought are – circa £5k for the pasture land per acre & circa £ 2k  for the woodland per acre.