Street lighting update 10/3/18

Gordon & Ken share residents concerns about various street lighting issues including the fact that residents report defective street lighting and no reply is received and the resident is left not knowing if the matter is being dealt with.

They have raised the issue at various levels and been assured that a new online reporting system is being looked at which will hopefully improve the customer service including updates to the enquirier.

We do not enter into communication via social media but ask that if any resident has concerns about street lighting not being fixed after they have reported it please e mail your County Councillor who would be willing to take the issue up on their behalf.

Below -County Councillors contact information

On occasions underground cables need to be replaced and this is then passed onto Northern Power and there may be a delay before the matter is actioned, this also makes it more difficult for NCC to monitor and respond to residents / Councillors.

Please see the below Hexham Courant article re the replacement street lighting scheme which we have ‘inherited’ this was initially rolled out within the SE Northumberland area and has had a long history of setbacks and areas of concern.

As it was about to commence in #Tynedale a subcontractor ceased trading and another had to be sought who is now in post and working in the #Prudhoe area.

We have also provided a link to the NCC site which gives additional information including a contact e mail address that residents can use if they have any concerns.


If residents are not able to get an answer within a reasonable length of time re problems about the new street lighting and would like their County Councillor to assist please e mail them.

In all correspondence please include the number of the lamp post as well as its location and a brief outline of the residents concern.

Below the NCC news page Link dated 22/12/17…/Street-light-scheme-sche…

Below NCC link re general lighting info.
Incl FAQ and contact e mail address…

Below The Hexham Courant report.…/Lights-replacement-scheme…


Long term issues brought to the attention of the C Cllrs update of situation    (updated 10/3/18)

To report a broken street light – Click here

842P  Station Road – New light to be installed Jan 2018 ** Now completed **

240P Wesley Terrace (close to exit from Co-op car park) – Lamp had been knocked down ? and cut off by NCC a long time ago- This has now been replaced -Awaiting completion – Match 2018

249p – Park Avenue – Knocked over by a vehicle and removed a long time ago- This will be replaced by the Contractors in the near future. **Now in place & working **

CO-Op Car Park – This does not come under NCC Control so all we can do is raise any issues locally which are then passed onto the Supermarkets main offices for action.

Lamp Broomhouse road / Eastwoods rd. – Engineers have attended and found a severe underground fault which will take time to rectify. ** Now fixed **

West Wylam Shops (Adderlane rd) ** Fixed 15/1/18 ** Broken again and further request made to fix. and fixed again March 2018

Oaklands Car Park – Due to be replaced 31/1/18 as part of improvements to the area. ** Replaced as above, but have additional lighting will be added in March 2018 ?? **

Humbles Wood – The lights are not under the control of NCC as they have not been adopted, But we were  happy to support residents in getting the matter resolved, ** This should be commenced by 17/18-2-2018 ** More delays Match 2018 **

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