Moor Road – Surface

We are well aware that the road surface from the junction with Moor Grange up towards Humbles wood is is a terrible state.

We visit the area several times each week and continue to monitor the situation, reporting any potholes etc


Gordon Stewart has announced  A lot of discussions have taken place and I am delighted to make people aware that a large amount of funding has now been sourced that will see this road have substantial repairs carried out, residents have waited too long for this, Finally after many years we are getting a fair share for Tynedale’    

  • Further details will of course be provided as soon as practicable *


We have brought to the area and shown the terrible road condition many people including County Cllr Peter Jackson (Leader of NCC) other NCC cabinet members and Guy Opperman MP

NCC Highways officers conduct examinations of the surface each week and carry out repairs as far as practicable.

So why is the road not repaired ?

In May 2017 the new administration was elected and it was apparent to all that Tynedale had been neglected for many years, with basic infrastructure not being cared for and investment being directed to South East Northumberland instead.

We inherited a real mess !

Followers of our social media feeds will have noticed major road repairs have taken place on many roads within Prudhoe already this year.

Real investment not just a few potholes being filled in.

This has been made possible by additional funding from NCC & the Government.

The last administration gave planning permission for the Prudhoe Hospital site without taking into consideration very basic matters.

  1. Access was permitted to the site from Moor Road  rather than a less populated area.
  2. No restriction upon access times to the site were made at the time when planning permission was given. – A voluntary restriction has been undertaken.
  3. No limit upon the time that the Moor road access could be used for construction was made, but the developers have agreed to transferring the access to the other end of the site asap – We hope that this will be in the spring of 2018
  4. No financial contribution was requested by the last administration from the developers to restore the road surface.
  5. We recently asked NCC officers to enter into discussions with the developers in relation to this matter.
  6. No financial contribution was requested by the last administration from the developers to restore the footpath surface. (As above)
  7. No financial contribution was requested by the last administration from the developers to install street lights along the road which is now used by families on a regular basis. – See previous news item.
  8. The developers have made a substantial financial contribution to the local community for other projects.
  9. NCC Highways teams carry out repairs to the road on a regular basis this is expensive and time consuming, as well as frustrating for residents & other road users
  10. No restriction upon construction traffic using the area near Ferndene Hospital to park etc whilst awaiting access to the site was made by the last administration.
  11. No other access / exit route is available for the residents or visitors to Humbles wood etc. as this was not built into the planning application.
  12. We await confirmation from the developer of when they will stop using the Moor road to access the site and hope to start  repairs asap after they do change the  access. But even after that time there will be a delay as legal notices regarding road closures have to be agreed and a contractor will have to programme the work into their schedules.
  13. The funding for this work will be great. * There is no such thing as public money just tax payers money*
  14. It would be unreasonable to stop the construction at the site so the road can be repaired now.
  15. There are other reasons apart from the heavy goods vehicles using the road that have added to the erosion of the road.
  16. We are in contact with the developers, NCC planning officers, Highways officers, Local services officers and other agencies on a very regular basis.
  17. We have also secured funding to install the additional street lighting along this stretch of road.

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