Abuse via facebook

Abuse via Facebook.

*** This matter has now been resolved ***

Yesterday a resident put on this account using a comment box a long rant which included unfounded and offensive remarks directed towards us.

We offer a range of methods by which residents can contact us and are available every day of the year trying to improve this great town.

The man had not made any attempt to contact us by traditional methods over the last year or so to discuss any matter.

He knows we never enter into conversations via social media.

He has been abusive via Facebook previously.

Other residents were concerned about this mans comments & behaviour.

The comments were taken down by us after a copy was made and appropriate action taken.

No apology or an attempt at giving an explanation has been made by him.

Facebook is a great facility for the community to use and should not be spoilt by an individual.

We believe that the vast majority of people will agree that misuse of social media and abuse of anyone is unacceptable.

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