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Page updated 19/1/2018

Northumberland County Council is the sole shareholder in Arch.

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There is no such thing as public money, there is only taxpayers money.

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Employment Opportunities

If you are involved in a business in or around Prudhoe and an employment opportunity arises please let us know and we would be pleased to advertise it via our social media platforms.


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Eastwoods Park


The old bowls pavillion in Eastwood Park has stood empty for far too long. Please leave a comment with what you would like to see the building used for to bring new life into the building and park.
Are you involved with a group etc that would like to consider using it ?

The Park is thought to be 100 yr old this year

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Contact us with your views.

Moor Road Street Lighting

Street lighting Moor Road #Prudhoe

Following on from discussions with residents who raised concerns regarding the lack of street lighting along Moor Road ( bet Moor Grange & Humbles Wood)
A petition was electronically signed by many residents who wished to have street lighting installed.

The grounds were mainly based upon health & safety and also safeguarding.

On Tuesday 9th January 2018 the petition was submitted to the Tynedale Local Area Council and a detailed presentation was made by the lead petitioner.

The request for lighting was supported by Gordon & Ken

An NCC officer provided a report which showed that the cost of 15 street lights and columns with led lanterns would be £37,500

Gordon added information to the request to say that no contribution from the developers was asked for re lighting at the planning stage and gave an outline of a series of issues that he had ‘inherited ‘ relating to the construction site which he was dealing with.

He went onto say that he was so concerned about the issues that he had taken the Leader of NCC Cllr Peter Jackson to the area to ask for his support.

Cllr Jackson was at the LAC and was supportive of the application.

Some residents have said that they were told the work was to be carried out a long time ago but Gordon explained he could not find anything to back this up.

The Councillors present agreed to the application and requested that the work be carried out.

The time scale will have to be finalised and a contribution from Gordon & Kens annual allowance may be needed to support the work.

Getting a fair share for Tynedale !!

Northumberland Youth Service

The youth service in Prudhoe is a vital facility,


We know that due to constraints the service could not be advertised as widely as we would have liked.

Gordon & Ken are very supportive of the youth service and have held several meetings with NCC officers looking at how the service can be celebrated,


We are delighted to say that there are two platforms now available to help support the service

Facebook – ‘Northumberland Youth Service ‘ Click here 

NCC Website – Click here