Fair share for Tynedale

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Let’s get a fair share for Tynedale

And a County that works for everyone! 


We all realise that Tynedale has been forgotten for far too long !

As Prudhoe is the biggest Town in the area we should naturally have received a far greater amount of resources and support rather than being an after thought of those in power at County Hall.

We do not want anything other than a fair share, although left in a wilderness for far too long a great deal of investment should be directed to Prudhoe to make up for the neglect.

A 80 million pound County Hall


Situated in SE Northumberland (not far from the coast) it is not needed, good value for money or situated in a handy position for the rest of the County.

County Hall update January 2016 Click here

County Hall update March 2016 – Click here

County Hall update August 2016 – Click here (Tory pledge to keep NCC at Morpeth)

County Hall update November 2016 – Click here

County hall update Dec 2016 – Click here

County Hall update January 2017 – Click here

County Hall update January 2017 Click here (Fast food takeaway near a School)

A potted history of the debarcle January 2017  Click here 

And the trees disappeared over a weekend.

The desperation of the Labour / Independants to push through with their plans was so obvious.

Without permission the tress were cut down.

The Forestry commission investigated and found NCC to have acted  illegally. Not even an apology from the administration !!!

Now the Government has called in the crazy plans they have for the current County Hall site and will now decide (March 2017)



A 83 Million pound 40 year old shopping centre

Purchased by NCC under their Arch company name. – why oh why ???

Shopping centre update August 2016   Click here

And another shopping centre purchased

Total so far £120 million !!

Shopping Centre update November 2016 Click here

A 5 star spa and leisure centre in Ashington

Built by NCC – Amazing.

Ashington Leisure centre £20 Million – Click here


Prudhoe Waterworld is ‘Tired’ and needs a major overhaul, the dedicated staff should be supported by their bosses not disregarded.


What’s special about South East Northumberland ?

A  bit of an insight – Click here 

Ashington benefits from £200 million- Well where wouldn’t ! Click here (Jan 2017)

Labour /Independant Council offer to loan the Duke  of Northumberland millions.

It hit national press and caused great embarrassment to the area, the deal has not been cancelled just delayed !

If they get back into power you may well see more of this !

Click here

And in Tynedale 

The Tynedale roads system is in a dire situation.

Potholes & gully’s full of litter. Click here


Poor access to the Town and the major closure of Ovingham Bridge to say but a few.

Prudhoe even lacks signs at entrances so visitors do not even know they are in the Town.

Eastwoods Park – It should be a jewel in the crown for the whole town. Click here


Improvement to the park have been talked about for years, stop talking and get it sorted !!!

The sign in the photograph is way out of date and gives an indication about how it once was, but people understandably want the park to be clean and well equipped.

Prudhoe East Centre – Now there is a story and a half !!!   Click here  (Jan 2017)


Leisure centre charges rocket without notice. Click here


Then services cut and redundancies looming (March 2017)

Click here 


The Hexham Courant has been targeted by the Labour /Independant administration which has a knock on effect upon the Tynedale Community. 

Click here.





In the lead up to the 2017 election the Labour / Independant oversaw £500,000 worth of advertising- Click here 500k signs_1

And the list goes on……


People are sick & tired of being told that there is no money in the budget for the everyday matters that should be dealt with by the Council.

NCC staff are at the forefront of criticism but they can only work within the constraints and direction of the South East Northumberland based administration.

The staff do a fantastic job, and deserve far better.

What a complete show of lack of respect for the Public.

Some people have openly likened the below to certain regimes abroad.

If proof was needed,and there is plenty so overtly displayed that Tynedale and other rural parts of the County have been paying the bill for massive investment in the labour homelands in Ashington & Blyth.     ‘Investing in their own towns’

NCC (under the guise of Arch)paid over £52,000 for signs showing the images of the Council  Leaders- This has caused an outrage throughout the Community. See info posted in September 2016 Click here  


    This part of Prudhoe has been ignored for many years !!!

It is time to make a change – Only the Conservatives can provide an effective Administration. 


Prudhoe is now a big town but it should work closely with it’s neighbours rather than in isolation.

We has been instrumental in setting up excellent working relationships with the decision makers in Tynedale – seen here with Cllr Trevor Cessford Mayor of Hexham.(Nov 2016)

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