S.O.S Prudhoe

This is a great new but very simple initiative just for Prudhoe it stands for ‘SPRUCE up OUR STREET’.

Prudhoe has grown greatly over the last few years and is now the biggest Town in the Tyne Valley.

We should be proud of the past and the unique characteristics of the Town but look forward to the future.

Prudhoe is part of Tynedale Northumberland and long may it remain that way.

The North East is renowned for being a very friendly place.

People are proud of where they live but often talk about the ‘good old days when you knew all your neighbours’.

Changes in work patterns and other factors may have interfered with traditional neighbourhood relationships, but what is evident is that people want some of these back which will help enhance life for everyone.

Community issues we regularly hear about include litter & the basic infrastructure e.g potholes and street lighting.

Yes, Councils have a big role to play in ensuring these are in place but we all want our own area to be better than it is now.


This is not a quick fix nor eye catching high profile campaign.

It is very simple to set up and flexible in its method of operating.

Q) Who organises this ?

A) Anyone in your street / part of your street or several streets in your area.(A smaller area than a residents association).

Q) Can we speak to other SOS schemes in the Town and look at best practice.

A) Why not ? You may wish to set up a social media account e.g facebook.


Gordon & the team are helping clean up Prudhoe on a regular basis throughout the year.

Q) What do we do?,

A) Speak to your neighbours and arrange a litter pick in your own street,suggest a date e,g first Saturday of the month and everyone helps a little.

You can report to the Council minor issues and avoid duplication, helping both residents and the council.

This can all help to get the community spirit back and spruce your street.

Your street may be a new one with many people living there you do not know, this could help you create a new community with like minded people.


Q) I can not help out with litter picking etc due to health issues ?

A) But it would be great if you could assist in some way such as taking notes or reporting issues to the Council, as the scheme develops you will find many roles for people to take on.

Please ensure everyone takes care if exerting themselves in different ways,& basic hygiene precautions are adhered to.

You will not need paperwork or policies nor insurance as you are purely acting in a neighbourly way helping your community.

Q) I work shifts so I would find it hard to help out at a certain time.

A) No problem, you may be able to help out in another way such as taking a neighbours bin in after collection to stop litter blowing around or the bin rolling around causing danger during poor weather conditions.

Check on grit bins to ensure they are refilled etc

Q) We need more litter bins !

A) That may be the case, initial findings from our ongoing environmental survey shows that a litter is often deposited near to a litter bin already in place.but thankfully the majority of people do deposit their litter thoughtfully.

Q) Catch the litter louts & fine them !.

A) Yes,there are severe financial penalties for such poor behaviour but catching the people is often very difficult as it only takes a second to deposit the litter, in addition prosecutions can be expensive.

Q) Can business take part ?.

A) It would be great to have everyone involved in some way including business, Schools,Community organisations.


Q) Is that all that will be happening about the problem of litter ?

A) NO. We will look at methods of reducing litter either through education or enforcement, working with partners to deal with issues as they arise.

And also promoting various campaigns helping to raise awareness.

Q) Will there be more information being provided on this website ?

A) Yes, you know your community and we would be pleased to hear your ideas and help tell others how you get on.

Q) Is there any particular date we could start ?

A) No, the earlier the better, You may wish to start during another campaign / local /National e.g Clean for the Queen 2016 – See below links.

Q)Our Street already does this sort of thing.

A)Fantastic ! Others would like to hear how it works please share your views.

Q)Are there other benefits ?

A) A clean and well cared for Town will attract new employment opportunities and help retain those already in Prudhoe

Tourism could become a vital part of  Life in Prudhoe as well.



Additional information

Introduction letter – S O S Prudhoe

On this website you will find various pages.

(You may well get some ideas & even some free resources to help you start).

Litter –Click here

Highways issues – Click here

Dog Fouling – Click here 


Gordon clearing out drain covers.

You can contact us – Click here

You can follow us on twitter @PrudhoeNland and like us on facebook ‘Prudhoe Matters’