Prudhoe Potholes

Pot holes in our roads are dangerous for road users, and can also cause a lot of expense for vehicle or cycle owners.


Gordon Stewart (Shown above) and his helpers check for potholes and road repairs on a regular basis.

You have told us that the condition of the roads around Prudhoe are in a poor state.

We have been viewing the potholes and reported these to the County Council.

And we urge you to also report them before the winter & traffic takes a greater hold and makes them even worse.

So lets make sure Prudhoe receives it fair share of this funding.

The Council employees do pay attention to the reports.

The simplest way to report the pot holes is online – Click here

If road problems are reported and the repairs carried out this could reduce the number of expensive claims for compensation that the Council are now met with, therefore reducing the financial impact upon them.


(January 2017)

Govt provides huge funding to NCC – Nov 2016 –Click here

Govt provides even more funding – Jan 2017 – Click here

What the latest extra funding means -Jan 2017 Click here

Pothole fund set up by the new NCC Administration July 2017 Click here

HM Govt awards NCC a further huge sum  August 2017 – Click here


Update from Guy dated April 2016

Hexham MP Guy Opperman has welcomed new dedicated funding from the Government to fill nearly 1 million potholes across the UK, including £1,111,000 for Northumberland, enough to fill an estimated 20,962 potholes.

Local motorists will benefit from the dedicated funding after the Government announced that nearly £50 million of funding will be made available to local councils over the next 12 months.  This is part of a wider move to fill 58,039 potholes across the North East with over 100 councils in England receiving funding.

The funding has been made available to councils as part of the Government’s £250 million Pothole Action Fund included in last month’s budget, which will see over four million potholes fixed by 2020/21, and is part of the Government’s plan to invest in infrastructure to secure a better future for our economy. 

Mr Opperman said “The state of our roads is consistently raised with me by local residents and remains a great source of frustration for drivers. 

This new funding is welcome news for families and businesses in Northumberland who rely on our roads to get around.  I’ve been campaigning for a long time for greater investment in road repairs, and I’m encouraging the County Council to make full use of their allocation to help improve Northumberland’s poor roads.  

I am very pleased that the Government is investing to improve the standard of our local roads.”

Gordon added “This funding will be welcomed by people in Prudhoe. The state of local roads is pretty desperate in some areas, I am pleased to respond to requests from residents who have concerns about the roads and need our support to get the issue resolved quickly”.

We now have a dedicated section on this website entitled ‘Highway issues’ – Click here

In addition a page providing information regarding Winter services – Click here


(Above January 2017)


C Cllr Peter Jackson (Leader of the Conservative group on NCC ) was invited to visit Prudhoe to see first hand how poor the roads are in the town after many years of neglect.He was even more determined to ensureTynedale gets a fair share after his visit.


What is a pothole ?

National guidelines state in road over 40mm depth & 250mm length/diameter. Footpath 20mm depth & 150mm.

If your car has been damaged by a pothole you can get compensation from the council. Contact:

Risk Management & Insurance Team,
Resources Department,
Performance Group,
Northumberland County Council,
County Hall,
NE61 2EF

Tel: 0845 6006400

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